Austrailian Working Kelpies originate on the vast sheep ranches in Austrailia, they were bred by shepherds who migrated from Scotland with their smooth coated working collies. They were crossed with other breeds to produce a tough hard working dog.

They are loyal and want to work, but being high drive dogs they need a job and excel at dog sports such as Agility as well as traditional herding.

The main rescue for this breed and their crosses in the UK is The Kelpie Welfare. A small charity run by volunteers to help rehome rescue kelpies to the right home. Jay McCartan is the central coordinator for the charity assisted by many wonderful helpers throughout the Country.

Successfully Rehomed

Boy kelpie, now a tractor dog on 700 acre arable farm

Girl Kelpie, rehomed to 5 yr old girl as first Agility dog


How can you help?

If you are interested in finding out how you can help with Kelpie Rescue, contact Jay McCartan on 07762 174799 or email at