Puppy Training - Puppies can attend the puppy class once their vaccinations have been completed, basic commands and good behaviour are taught. This is all done by play with toys and treats, there is no force used. The puppies get the chance to socialise with other people and dogs in a friendly safe atmosphere making it a pleasant experience for them. Lack of early socialisation can be the root cause of behaviour problems.

Older Dogs - If you have an older puppy who is a bit of a hooligan there is a class just for you, also rescue dogs that need a bit more input. These groups are kept to less than 6 dogs for more individual attention. No force is needed in training, just positive reinforcement and motivation for the dog to focus on you and want to do your bidding.

Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards - Training towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards is available, these awards start at Puppy level right through to Gold. Each award is based on good behaviour and control required for day to day living.

Rally O - Rally O is a new sport that is rapidly growing in the UK. It is Obedience based, but not as formal as Obedience competitions, ie heelwork is not with the dog wrapped tightly round you leg, but in a relaxed position next to your leg. In competition you go to a station where there is a card with details of the exercise to be performed. After completion you move to the next station. General training classes will be based on this rather than formal Obedience.

Whatever your dogs problems are or training needed, Canine College will most certainly have a class for you and your dog. If you would feel more comfortable with private sessions, these can be arranged at the training ground or in your own home. Disabilities can be catered for. Just contact Jay McCartan to discuss your needs.


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